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Interview with Wu Zhenrong, chairman of Hanwang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd


 Release time: May 16, 2020 Click: 14

 Hard work and diligence, based on the country of Baodao

  ——Interview with Wu Zhenrong, chairman of Hanwang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd

 Master Huineng, the sixth generation descendant of the sage Bodhidharma, once said: "Buddha's Dharma is in the world, and it is inseparable from the world consciousness. To seek Bodhi after death is like seeking rabbit's horn. " Just as the lotus comes from the mud, so the wisdom comes from the worldly Dharma. Therefore, if one wants to settle down in the complicated world, one must first learn to enter the world. In the process of entering WTO, we should constantly improve ourselves, understand the specific behavior guidance of doing things and being human, and master the development law of contradictory things, so as to achieve success.


No doubt, those who are able to clarify their hearts with birth and use the thunderbolt means of entering the WTO are the winners in life. Wu Zhenrong, chairman of Hanwang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., is such a wise man who came out of the world and a strong one who joined the WTO. His legendary deeds in the business field fully show that success is never achieved overnight. Only those who are good at thinking and doing can create a good life.

 Hanwang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in June 1998, the company is headquartered in Minxiong Industrial Park, Jiayi County, Taiwan Province. It is a professional enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production, sales and after-sales service. Its products are mainly high-speed film blowing machines for plastic extrusion. After more than 20 years of ups and downs, Hanwang plastics has always been able to gain advantages in the fierce market competition, and won the title of "Taiwan's top ten gold merchants Award".

 As a leading enterprise in China, Hanwang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. not only represents Hanwang brand, but also represents the advanced level of China's film blowing equipment. Since its establishment, under the leadership of Wu Zhenrong, chairman of the board of directors, the company's team, with the headquarters in Taiwan as its R & D base, has cooperated with Anhui Tongcheng Hanwang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., a branch in the mainland, to actively promote the technological innovation and development of the industry and wholeheartedly bring the most cost-effective products and high-quality services to users at home and abroad.

 Not falling blue, cloud, ambition, tree, proud, frost and snow

 In 1967, Deng Lijun, the queen of sweet songs, a Taiwanese singer under the age of 14, won the first place in the singing competition in the city and gained great social attention. At that time, Wu Zhenrong, who was the same age as Deng Lijun, was forced to drop out of school because of his poor family. As a young man, he has no education background, expertise, contacts and experience. It's very difficult to find a job that depends on selling his strength to make a living, and his future is very slim.

  Fortunately, after many bumps, Wu Zhenrong finally found a job as an apprentice in a lathe workshop. He cherished this hard-earned work very much and fulfilled every task in a down-to-earth manner. When he encountered something he didn't understand, he asked for advice from his predecessors. With the unremitting efforts of Wu Zhenrong, he eventually became a lathe mechanic who could be on his own, and his salary was also increased.

  But Wu Zhenrong didn't stop there. He spent all his money on books and took advantage of his spare time to learn the nutrition of knowledge. "The mean", "the Analects of Confucius", "University", "Mencius", "Daodejing", "nanhuajing" and other books, which make many modern young people feel obscure and difficult to understand, are quite in tune with Wu Zhenrong's thoughts. Under the influence of these spirits, Huang zhongdaliu gradually learned how to think and grasp the direction of life, and completed his studies in junior high school and senior high school by self-study. He firmly believes that reading is not for eloquence and refutation, nor for credulity and blind obedience, but for thinking and weighing.

  In this world, some people have worked hard all their lives like rootless duckweed, drifting with the current and doing nothing; some people can break through the cracks in the stone and realize their self-worth. The reason is that most of the former are conservative in thought and low in action, while the latter are long-term in thought and bold in struggle.

 In 1984, Wu Zhenrong saw the situation, invested all his savings and set up a lathe processing workshop, and started the road of entrepreneurship. During this period, he found that almost all the film blowing equipment in the market at that time was imported, with limited circulation and high price, which meant that there was a broad profit space and development prospect for the processing and maintenance of domestic film blowing equipment. Therefore, Wu Zhenrong began to focus on film blowing equipment, hoping to one day be able to produce a domestic film blowing equipment comparable to the imported film blowing equipment.

Film blowing technology is a kind of plastic processing technology, which can heat and melt plastic particles and then blow them into film. The quality of blown film depends on the film blowing machine and plastic particles. However, at that time, the relevant domestic market was still in a blank state, and there was almost no reference in technology. In addition, many factors such as production license and environmental protection policy should be taken into consideration. After a long time of hard research, in 1988, Wu Zhenrong finally successfully developed the first film blowing equipment. Once the equipment is launched, it is highly praised by customers. Wu Zhenrong is particularly proud that the machine has not been damaged since it was used.


 However, just as he was preparing for a big fight, he found that his equipment was not famous in the market, or even questioned. Wu Zhenrong inquired and learned that the old customers who had purchased the equipment intentionally concealed the source of the equipment because they wanted to maintain the advantages of the equipment, resulting in many customers' lack of access to purchase. Wu Zhenrong was greatly inspired by this event. He decided to strive to improve the popularity of his brand and expand his influence in the field, so as to promote the development of enterprises and brands



However, as he eager to get into action, he found his equipment was not known or even questioned in the market.

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