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Hanking plastic machinery invites you to attend The 31st International exhibition on olastic& Rubber


 Since 1987, the "CHINAPLAS international xiangsu exhibition" has been supported by EUROMAP, a European plastics and rubber manufacturers association, which supports the show. Plastic machinery for a long time, hanwang actively promote fair policy, on the one hand, for the global plastic rubber enterprises in the selection of influential and high quality of blown film machine, to provide a forward-looking reference, another aspect also illustrate a product for potential customers

 Each year, the rubber industry and plastic machinery exhibition plenty, and hanwang plastic mechanical support only part of the industry exhibition, this exhibition are international and high quality exhibition, hanwang plastic machinery together again invite you to attend the CHINAPLAS 2017 international displaying (guangzhou pazhou hall). Welcome to the exhibition center at guangzhou international exhibition center 8.1 D21 booth!

 Benefit from the parent company, blown film machinery research and development of knowledge and its infrastructure, hanwang plastic machinery (anhui) company use have become hugely popular around the world hanwang king - plus brand, developed a series of new features efficient type of co-extrusion film production line, the performance is outstanding, welcome to the guest.




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